Our main projects are

Light of Karma

A place where blind children are taken in. They are given a place to stay, food to eat, sent to school and given additional training so as to be able to compete in life.

The premise is also used for training women with low skills. Tailoring methods are taught to them and they are allowed to use our facilities to create finished products of their own. Additional income generated for their household.

Sponsoring Tibetan refugee primary schools

We also finance and help in the administrative running of two schools in the Tibetan refugee colonies. Children are taken in at the primary level and educated to encourage their families to help them seek further education.

Project emergency covid-19 India

Covid-19 Pandemic Time

The Braille Book Beyond Religion Presentation

Dalai Lamas First Braille Book

Public Toilet

One Lakh Liters Water Tank

11th Batch Tailoring

Medicale Equipments For Child Ward

Sponsored Various Projects at Mundagoda Taluk Hospital

Mundagoda Taluk Indian goverment hospital

Competitive Exam

11th batch tailoring class 2021 to 2022

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