On 1st/Oct/2021, We Karma Foundation organized handover to Mundagoda Taluk Indian goverment hospital ceremony. On the handover ceremony Chief guest was North Kanara Minister Mr.Shivaram Hebber, Doeguling Mundgod Tibetan Refugee settlement Chairman Mr.Lhakpa la and H.E.Gaden Shartse Abbot Jangchub Sangya.

Child ICU Ward handover ceremony by North Kanara Minister Mr.Shivaram Hebber and Gaden Shartse monastery abbot His Eminense Geshe Jangchub Sangya

Other delegation who attendent to the handover ceremony was Mundagoda Tahsildar Mr.Sridhar Mundalamani, Dr.Ramesh Rao (RCHO), Dr.Sharrad Nayak (DHO), Dr. H.F. Ingale (AMO Mundagoda) , Mr.Basavraj Mabanoor (PSI Mundagoda), Gaden Shartse disciplinarian Ven. Geshe Thupten Samten, Gaden Shartse adminstration Ven.Geshe Jangchub, DTR director, Mr.Nagwang and Gashar monastery hospital director Ven.Geshe Sherab.

Child General Ward handover by North Kanara Minister Mr. Shivaram Hebber and Gaden Shartse monastery abbot His Eminence Geshe Jangchub Sangya.

For Covid19 third pandamic needy medical equipments and materials etc handover by Karma Foundation President Ven.Zampa Kalzang

Child General Ward admit patients at the handover day and it was full. We Karma Foundation have given twenty beds for General Ward and twenty bed for ICU Ward. Then Minister Mr.Shivaram Hebber, Gaden Shartse monastery Abbot H.E.Jangchub Sangya and Karma Foundation founder Ven.Geshe Dorjee visiting to Child General Ward’s patients.

Then on 1st/Oct/2021, opening ceremony of Covid 19 vaccination counter hall befor entry Taluk hospital.

Karma Foundation was thanks given by North Kanara Indian goverment in newly opened Covid 19 vaccination counter hall.

proper treatment for the poor ‘

Mundagoda: Minister Shivaram Hebbar said, The taluk hospital in the district is home to more medical equipment. Let the public find the right treatment here. Let the people have to trust and belief on the government hospital.

Minister also said, Karma Foundation became temple for the poor. Karma Foundation has contributed to the health sector, by giving a ICU and Common Beds worth Rs 27 lakh donated to the Taluk Hospital, He added that such donors should increase in society.

District Superintendent Dr. Sharad Nayaka, Karma Foundation Founder Geshe Lobbsang Dorje, President Champa Kaljang, Tahsildar Sridhar Mundalamani, Dr. H.F. Ingale, Chief of Staff and others were present.

Finally on 1st/Oct/2021, at 11am at Karma Joyty /Light Of Karma/མུན་སེལ་ཤེས་ཡོན་ལྟེ་གནས་ཁང་། we Karma Foundation thanking ceremony those who helped Karma Foundation, Indian communities and Tibetan communities on Covid 19 second pandamic time. We thank them with Indian traditional crown,showl and neck garland.

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